G'day there, and today we're going to talk about how it started and what's it all about. The story begins at the student dormitory...

This was a typical evening for one of our team mates, and he was sitting in the students' kitchen while Pelmenies, perhaps, the most popular students meal in Russia, were slowly boiling and gurgling on the stove. Everything was normal, except for a one thing - Maxim Grynychev aka Mokus recently released his game Contre Jour and it was an awesome story of the awesome game.

Somehow, the way water boiled in the pan, reminded of the way portals open in the game Portal and here it hit him, that wouldn't it be nice to have a portals based game, but in the Contre Jour's setup?

This was 5 years ago, and as with all good ideas, once he ate Pelmeni, he fall asleep shortly after 🙂.

Fast-forwarding to today, we worked on mobile, desktop, web apps and even small microcontrollers. In 2015, the same guy landed at the gamedev company, with semi-regular gamedev jams, where an old idea to came to mind, and, eventually, led to the victory in one of those contests. He no longer works there, but Portarius is still ongoing and we'd try to cover the progress as we go, stay tuned!

Enough of preamble, let me share a couple of words about the actual game. The game takes place on a planet, which core is in danger, and we want You, to become the brave Portarius, who eventually saves the planet. Of course, it is not an easy journey, and definitely not the fastest one, that's why we've been working hard on the qunatum teleporter, which would enable You to travel faster, and who knows, maybe, one day, it even saves your live.